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TIFF to PDF conversion in .NET


I am attempting the same thing, and the PDF file that is produced is unusable. The first page converts just fine, but the rest of the pages look redacted (all black).

I am using GroupDocs.Conversion version 20.1.0


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Please share following information and we’ll investigate this scenario:

  • Problematic (TIFF) file
  • Sample code or application to reproduce the issue

thanks @atirtahir3

the file I’m testing with is zipped up here (2.0 MB)

if I upload that file here:

the site fails to produce a PDF

the code I have that executes the conversion is fairly simple. I’ll see if I can put together a stand-alone example app.

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Yes, please. We’ll appreciate your cooperation.

actually - your example site, I was able to reproduce the exact same output. (3.1 MB)

^ so what is attached here matches the output my code is producing as well.

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This issue is reproduced at our end. Hence, we’ve logged it in our internal issue tracking system with ID CONVERSIONNET-3815. It’ll be further investigated. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.