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TIFF to PDF Conversion Result is Too Large

I am trying to convert multi-size, multi-page TIFF streams into PDF files. I am able to convert the file and the PDF can load in Chrome but it is far too large (larger than 200 inches on at least one side). As a result, Adobe Acrobat and other applications either truncate the files when displaying or are unable to display them at all, which is unacceptable for the use case I am targetting.

Is there a way, during the conversion process or afterwards, to resize each individual page in order to keep the total dimensions of the files with the bounds of PDF 1.5, which is less than or equal to 200" on all sides?

For example:
Currently, I have a converted PDF has two pages, where page 1 has dimensions 800" x 400" and page 2 is 200" and 600".

I want to have the converted PDF to be the following:

Page 1: 200" x 100"
Page 2: 100" x 300"

May be related to this previous post but maybe not: TIFF to PDF conversion in .NET

Thanks for the help!

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In general, please try to set Width/Height/Dpi in PdfConvertOptions. This will resize the pages during a post conversion process. However, this will set a same settings for all the pages. If each page should have specific settings, then the solution will be to convert by page, providing specific conversion options.