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Toolbar not showing up


I’m integrating Groupdocs.Web.Annotations into a .NET web application. However, the toolbar is not showing up.

I have created a small demo application and the toolbar does show up in that application, just not my main one.

Here is the code on the cshtml page:


And the generated BLOCKED SCRIPT

var annotationWidget = $(’#annotation-widget’).groupdocsAnnotation({
width: 600,
height: 800,
fileId: ‘Quick_Start_Guide_To_Using_GroupDocs.pdf’,
docViewerId: ‘annotation-widget-doc-viewer’,
quality: 90,
enableRightClickMenu: true,
showHeader: true,
showZoom: true,
showPaging: true,
showPrint: false,
showFileExplorer: true,
showThumbnails: true,
openThumbnails: false,
zoomToFitWidth: true,
zoomToFitHeight: false,
initialZoom: 100,
preloadPagesCount: 3,
enableSidePanel: true,
scrollOnFocus: true,
strikeOutColor: ‘’,
enabledTools: 255,
connectorPosition: 0,
saveReplyOnFocusLoss: false,
strikeoutMode: 1,
sideboarContainerSelector: ‘div.comments_sidebar_wrapper’,
usePageNumberInUrlHash: false,
textSelectionSynchronousCalculation: true,
variableHeightPageSupport: true,
useJavaScriptDocumentDescription: true,
isRightPanelEnabled: true,
createMarkup: true,
use_pdf: ‘true’,
_mode: ‘annotatedDocument’,
selectionContainerSelector: “[name=‘selection-content’]”,

graphicsContainerSelector: ‘.annotationsContainer’,

userName: ‘’,userId: ‘3f8b6a5375337dae’

var annotationsViewer = $(annotationWidget).groupdocsAnnotation(‘getViewer’);
var annotationsViewerVM = $(annotationsViewer).groupdocsAnnotationViewer(‘getViewModel’);

You can see that enabledTools is 255 (all tools). However, annotationsViewerVM.canAnnotate() is false.

If I manually set canAnnotate(true) in the Chrome developer console, the toolbar appears as expected.

Any idea why I can’t see the toolbar?


It looks like the problem was caused by not putting WidgetFactory.Initialize as the first line in Application_Start(). For some reason, this prevented the Signalr hub javascript from rendering. Once I placed this as the first line the toolbar started rendering.


Hello Jason,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. We are glad to hear that you solved this issue, thanks for sharing the solution with us. You are absolutely right - “WidgetFactory.Initialize” metod is vital, because GroupDocs.Annotation requires a folder where document’s cache should be placed. The best way is to place “WidgetFactory.Initialize” in the “Application_Start()” method of the “Global.asax”, but this can be any other place - just make sure that GroupDocs.Annotation is initialized before first use. If you have any additional questions please feel free to get back in touch.