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Toolbars icons moved on new line


Hello Dear GroupDocs team,

in our application we show preview of the document in a small windows. As you can see in the picture:

Toolbars icons moved on new line. As we can understand the toolbar also need to be extended on new line?



Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. There are two solutions in your situation, when you need to place a GroupDocs.Viewer into little area. First is to disable toolbar and thumbnails at all. For disabling toolbar use "ShowHeader(false)", for disabling thumbnails use "ShowThumbnails(false)" method.

If you still need toolbar with its functions with such small area, you need to develop it by yourself, considering your specific requirements. GroupDocs.Viewer allows you to use any interface you want, because basically standard toolbar is just a dynamically generated piece of HTML and scripts, which invokes GroupDocs.Viewer's basic functions from server (by calling HTTP-handlers). An article "Display Documents with the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Library without Using iFrames or Any Additional JS and CSS Files" shows you the basics how to achieve that.



Thank you for the answer. We will try both variants.