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Turn Off Reviewers in Annotation



How can we turn off reviewers in annotation? We would like to use our own system to invite and send review request and not through the API.



Thank you for request. Sorry but you can’t disable reviewers system at all in the annotation. To invite other user you should use GroupDocs Api, but you can disable notifications which sends to invited users. To do that you should do next: when you add collaborator to the document please set “alerts_eanbled” parameter in the “UserInfo” object to false and then add this user as collaborator.

For example:

$user = new UserInfo ();

$user->alerts_eanbled = false;

//Create Role info object

$role = new RoleInfo ();

//Set user role Id. Can be: 1 - SysAdmin, 2 - Admin, 3 - User, 4 - Guest

$role->id = "3";

//Set user role name. Can be: SysAdmin, Admin, User, Guest

$role->name = "User";

//Create array of roles.

$roles = array($role);

//Set nick name as entered first name

$user->nickname = $firstName;

//Set first name as entered first name

$user->firstname = $firstName;

//Set last name as entered last name

$user->lastname = $lastName;

$user->roles = $roles;

//Set email as entered email

$user->primary_email = $email;

//Creating of new user. $clientId - user id, $firstName - entered first name, $user - object with new user info

$newUser = $mgmtApi->UpdateAccountUser($clientId, $email, $user);

//Create array with entered email for SetAnnotationCollaborators method

$arrayEmail = array($email);

//Add user as collaborators for the document

$setCollaborator = $antApi->SetAnnotationCollaborators($clientId, $fileId, "v2.0", $arrayEmail);

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.