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Txt to txt and pdf to pdf comparisons are not showing right results


i exactly copied the sample code, its working fine with word, but when i compare two txt files it gives error like this “cannot insert a node of this type at this location”, even i am just comparing them i am not adding any bookmark or stuff like that.

then secondly pdf to pdf, its working fine but comparison results are not clear see the attached snapshot of result
in my one pdf file there was only “district” key work and in other there was “district bahawalpur”.

now see the results i got



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Unfortunately from your post is not clear how to reproduce the issue because you doesn’t shared the code example that we can check it with the same settings. Please share with us your GroupDocs.Comparison version, txt and pdf documents and code example of the Comparison widget code and server side code. Also share the Comparison initialization code that you use.

Thank you.


let me upload it


i followed the same code lines from one of your documentation links

but still its not comparing txt to txt files moreover the result of pdf to pdf conversion is also different, not like the downloadable sample project.



In such case please share with us your txt and pdf documents - we will check them and try to reproduce your issue.

Thank you.


these files are working well with your provided sample project, i downloaded, but i don’t know, what is wrong, i copied the same code from the sample and pasted it in my application it works but not in the same way.



Unfortunately with out your project example we can’t check what is wrong with it. Please share it with us and add your documents.

Thank you.


ok i am uploading it to dropbox, meanwhile could you please tell, when i run your sample project it compares two docs and show results too with toolbar on top and on sides too, but when i run my app it just compare and save results in backend. I copied exactly same code except web.config files, yes i added one line of code in web.config that was mentioned here

anyways i am uploading it and i hope you will explain me everything.


there you go
its not comparing two txt files, same goes for pdf (in case of pdf it does compare them but results are not like the way your sample project shows)

waiting for your response



Thank you for the example solution. We have created a bug tickets (you can them attached to the first post) for both issues and our Product team will resolve them. When it will be ready we will notify you here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for your assistance.

I’ll be waiting here.



Sure, I will keep you updated.

Best regards.