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Umbraco plugin needs more info


Hi guys,

I want to integrate the Annotation product in a Umbraco site and i have acouple of questions:

  • the macro asks for a document guid, where can i find this? if i put 1, for instance, it says it can’t find the file;
  • is there a way i can integrate something like this on the page? :slight_smile:




We are sorry but is now obsolete. We’d recommend you to explore GroupDocs.Annotation RESTful API here.


So there’s no way i can use the Umbraco feature?



GroupDocs.Annotation supports only following platforms:

However, we are looking into your scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is ANNOTATIONNET-988. You will be notified about the outcomes soon.



Please explore our GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud API. You may implement it in your application.