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Unable to create an instance of the document


Hi team,

"Unable to create an istance of the document.The format of the document is unsupported or the do cument is corrupted."

This error occurs when the Viewer is loading an empty word document(.docx) which size is 0 byte.



1.Is it a known issue in v2.10.0.0 or before?

2.How to avoid it?

3.Is it still exists in v3.x?



Thank you for the question. Yes, empty file can’t be viewed in the old version of the library.
To avoid this you can check file info before load it in the Viewer. For how to check file info please check this documentation.

As for the 3-rd question - I will check it.

Best regards.



In addition to the previous post - I have checked it with the latest Viewer and it works well, no any errors thrown.

Best regards.


It is helpful to me.

Thanks for your kindly support!