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Unable to find ShowPrint Property in Annotation 16.x.x version


I am unable to find ShowPrint Property in Annotation 16.12.0 version. please tell me how can I print annotated / any document from Annotation viewer. Is there any other option for the same? I couldn’t find any in AnnotationWidget.cs file.

Hi Aradhanadave ,

Thank you for your inquiry.

your requested property (showprint) is related to front-end example and currently not available in front-end example, you can achieve your desired output results from export option as well. kindly also note that showcases front-end examples are open source and you can also modify it as per your requirements but still we are moving your request to front-end team to incorporate it in front-end example. Once we get any update from front-tend team we will update you here.

Thank you for your patience.

Warm Regards,