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Unable to import com.groupdocs.viewer.config.ViewerConfig class through JAR file


I am adding groupdocs-viewer-3.7.0.jar in my lib folder and trying to call ViewerConfig class from my local method, but somehow eclipse is not detecting the class and I am not able to import any classes mentioned here -

Are there other dependencies that I am not aware of ?



Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 3.x API and posting your concerns.
We have some conducive resources for you that will help you in evaluating/confuguring the API. Please visit Installation and Configuration and How to Run Examples articles. These articles will help you in API integration or you can follow the steps given below:
  • Go to the project properties.
  • Click on Java Build Path.
  • Go to Libraries and add an external Jar (GroupDocs.Viewer.Jar)
Furthermore, we also have example projects (UI and UI-Less) for your convenience. You may find following resources helpful:
Please go through these resources, supporting articles and share your experience.

Best wishes

Thanks Atir Tahir,

I see in JAVA example, that you guys are using java.nio packages. But they are in JRE7. But we use JRE6 here, Do you have any other alternatives for JRE6/JDK6 ?



We are investigating your scenario and you will be notified about the outcome. Your patience will be appreciated.