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Unable to load .dwg file


I installed Java document viewer and trying to load a .dwg file. But getting the following error when trying to upload.

"File extension dwg of file name visualization_-_aerial.dwg cannot be opened, and looks to be corrupted."

However, the same document can be successfully loaded and viewed in AutoCAD DWG True View 2015.

I’m enclosing the .dwg file I’m trying to upload.

Appreciate any help!

Thanks & Regards,

Hello Ganesh,

Sorry to see you get this problem. Unfortunately for now the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java does not support *.dwg files of the format newer then 2004. Try to convert your file to the 2004 format if it is possible.

The support of newer formats is already in our roadmap but with a low priority. Priority of features we implement depends on the customer license type who requests these features. Dependent on how strong you are interested to use the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java we can try to speed up implementation of the newer dwg format support.