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Unable to receive html doc with comparison result

Im using this code to compare 2 csv files and put result iтещ .html file:

  String source = "C:\\Users\\nivanov\\Desktop\\task_ivanov\\trash\\develop4 - Copy.csv";
            String target = "C:\\Users\\nivanov\\Desktop\\task_ivanov\\trash\\develop4.csv";
            String res = "C:\\Users\\nivanov\\Desktop\\task_ivanov\\trash\\res.csv";

            License license = new License();

            using (Comparer comparer = new Comparer(source))

but .html file with comparison result doesn’t created as before (before .csv and .html files with result were created, now onlyu .csv file with result is created.). what im doing wrong

package id=“GroupDocs.Comparison” version=“20.8.0” targetFramework=“net452” is used

The reason is found. somehow, html document is saved into the folder named as New%20folder%20(2)

so i think this is the issue in your library, guys. should be fixed.

thanks. the question is closed

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Good to know that your issue is fixed.