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Unable to update entity: Signature Document



I’m working on making our signature process handle errors when loading, signing and uploading the document. I’ve handled most of the controller and .net issues however I’m running into the following issue when the document is confirmed and signed:

"Error: Unable to update entity: Signature Document"

I’m wondering if there is a way for me to catch this error in the javascript that is running on the view. I need to handle this error as it occurs when users are signing their documents and means they have to restart the process from the start.


Attached is a picture of the error dialogue


Hello Sam,

Thank you for the request. Unfortunately we don’t have such event for JavaScript to handle it, all available events you can check here . But if you share how to reproduce such error I will try to help you to create some workaround and will discuss it with our Product team.

Thank you.



I’ve managed to replicate it by:

Clicking confirm signature
Closing the detail entry modal
Clicking confirm signature again
Confirming the detail entry modal

See video of replication:

It sometimes happens on the first attempt to sign documents as well, but this is one of the ways of replicating it.





Thank you for the guide. You can use such workaround:
@section scripts

Best regards.



Thanks for this it seems to be exactly what I needed!

Thanks again