Unable to view files with lots of pages in GroupDocs Viewer

I have a file with around 600 pages and I am not able to process the file I tried the same on GroupDocs Viewer Online but still same issue

sharing the file for your reference.



Thank you for sharing the file. Please add the following info:

  1. When running locally do you receive any exceptions or process is stuck?
  2. What version of GroupDocs.Viewer you’re using and what OS you’re running?

The process is being stuck, and the version is 20.8 but the problem is this is not even working on groupdocs viewer website


I could open the attached file using GroupDocs.Viewer App. May you please try one more time?

No, I can’t upload the file.

image.png (62.2 KB)

More Importantly, I can’t upload the files from my application, if the file pages are more


Thank you for sharing the screenshot. We’ll investigate this issue and update you.