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Unicode html rendering

We rendered a pdf that contained Greek letters and the output was like this:


Most browsers can show the above correctly, but when displaying the above in an iframe in IE it does not display the characters correctly.

Is there an option to render unicode characters normal?

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your inquiry,

I would like to request you to provide us the problematic file. Then I’ll be able to reproduce and escalate the issue to the product teams.

Many Thanks.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as VIEWERNET-493) have been fixed in this update.

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please find attached

Great! Are we entitled to a discount for addressing this bug?

Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for providing us the problematic file.

We couldn’t reproduce the issue at our end. Your provided file is being rendered accurately.
The link of the front end project is written below in which your file has been tested. Kindly download it and check the file at your end.

Please download project from here.

Thanks in advance

Hi Nicolas,

The discount is really captivating thing. :slight_smile:

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As I said in my email, the html output contains


This renders correctly on all browsers including IE9.
The problem is when displaying the above output in an iframe in IE9.

Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for your response.

We already tried your scenario (IFrame in IE9) but couldn’t reproduce the issue as you mentioned. Can you provide us the following more details.

- Screen shot of the output.
- Page code where you are trying to display the page in Iframe.
- Operating system details.
- Did you also download and give a try to the project whose link was mentioned in the last post?

Many Thanks.

Please find attached a screenshot.

The code is simple. We just add the contents of returned html to an iframe:
var currentDiv= $(’#printFrame’)[0];
currentDiv.contentWindow.contents = result.HtmlContent;
currentDiv.src = ‘BLOCKED SCRIPTwindow[“contents”]’;

Note that we are talking about the html version. The sample you sent me did not have the usehtml set to true and also was not working with an iframe.

The operating system is win7 64bit.

The reason we decided to put the html of each page in an iframe is because page1’s html code is affected by pages2’s html code. The css of one page affects the css of the second page. Do you have any other workaround about this issue?

Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for your explanation.

I think you don’t need to use iframe one by one for each page. You can embed the resources into rendered output like the following code.

//Instantiate the HtmlOptions object
HtmlOptions options = new HtmlOptions();
//to get html representations of pages with embedded resources
options.IsResourcesEmbedded = true;

//Get document pages in html form
List pages = htmlHandler.GetPages(guid, options);

In our provided sample the above code has been implemented already.

In Default.aspx, just change/set useHtmlBasedEngine to true if you need to render the page as Html.

Have a nice day!

This was already set to true. This means that resources like images will be embedded in the html file. This has nothing to do with the problem.

You can see this behaviour in your own sample with the candy.pdf.
I have included screenshots showing when only the first page is loaded and then when the second page is loaded.

You can see that the first page has changed because of the css in the second page!

Hi Nicolas,

Yes you are correct. Css of the next created page is disturbing the previous page styles. We are looking into this.
But your case is still looking complicated at our side.

Are you generating Iframe according to the pagecount?
and then assign HtmlContent to the iframe directly?

Many Thanks!

Yes. Exactly like that. If I have a document of 5 pages, I will create 5 empty iframes and load each html page in its corresponding iframe

Hi Nicolas,

We are working on it intensively. Soon you would hear some good news in this regard through this forum. I hope that you would have not to use iframes any more.

Thank you

Any updates on this?

Hi Nicolas,

Yes, good news for you. The team has resolved this issue of overridden CSS. It would be fixed in upcoming version 3.2.0. This version would be released approximately in the second half of this month.

Please stay tuned!

Hi again,

Do you know the exact date of the next release?
Is it possible to send us an early dll file containing the fix?

Hi nicolas,

We are very close to release the version 3.2.0. We are trying to release the version, some time in this week. Soon you would get a release notification through this forum thread.

Please stay tuned!