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Unique signature fields



As I understand you can have the same signature field in multiple locations.

Is it possible to have unique signature fields, like in the scenario below:

Using the prepare fields demo, When I drag 2 or more signature fields onto the document they all seem to bind to the same context, meaning that if I change the name of one signature field, the others change also.

Is it possible to have unique signature fields so that when I drag two signature fields on they are set up as separate fields and not as the same field with multiple locations?

I want to be able to change the name of each field to something unique.




Hello Sam,

Thank you for the question. You can have one signature field with many locations, that’s why if you change the settings of one - all will be changed. The idea is that meaning is the same and the signature will be the same (for the same recipient). Since that you can’t set different names or other settings for the Signature field.

Best regards.



Thanks for the speedy reply.

Is there any way to work around that? Is it not possible to have multiple recipients in the prepare controller so you can setup multiple users on one document.

I notice with all the other fields let’s say I’m using a single line text field, If I drag 2 of them on I can change the name of each field without effecting the other.

Is there any way on the client side to work around this? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks again



Hello Sam,

I’m sorry but unfortunately no. Settings of the all other fields can be change independently from each other because such fields can be used for different values such as for example: first name , address, phone number etc. But the signature field will be the same even if you will have it in several placed. it was done in the security reasons - signed can’t sign with different signatures. For example:
Lets say I’m a signer and I should sign with you some document. You will agree that I can’t sign the document with two different signatures, my signature must be the same in all places. because of that we made such feature that the signature field can have several placed but they are in fact one and the same field.

Best regards.