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Universal document viewer API using Windows form application in .NET

Our team work on a Windows Forms application. We want to implement an universal document viewer control to preview documents in our file explorer component. Is it possible to use GroupDocs.Viewer SDK for the purposes or it is only available for web applications?..

The files we want to preview are not available on real filesystem, does the SDK allow to read files from stream instead of passing paths to real files on a filesystem?

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Please note that GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is a back-end, UI independent API that could be integrated in any (new or existing) .NET application without third party tool or software dependency.
Have a look at developer guide and this console example project.

API can load source document from multiple sources:

  • Amazon S3 Storage
  • Azure Blob
  • FTP
  • Local disk
  • Stream
  • URL

For further details, visit this article.