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Unsupported Image Type for JPG



I am trying to convert JPG (sample file is in the attachment) to PNG. I encountered error as shown below:

com.groupdocs.conversion.exception.LoadingException: Exception thrown while try to load document! File name: Can’t load image!
at q.a(Unknown Source)
at q.(Unknown Source)
at ad.a(Unknown Source)
at ad.(Unknown Source)
at W.(Unknown Source)
at com.groupdocs.conversion.handler.ConversionHandler.convertToImage(Unknown Source)
at com.test.converter.GroupDocsConverter.getPage(
at com.test.converter.GroupDocsConverter.getDocContent(
at com.test.converter.main.GetPageContentApp.main(
Caused by: javax.imageio.IIOException: Unsupported Image Type
at com.sun.imageio.plugins.jpeg.JPEGImageReader.readInternal(
… 9 more


Thank you for your inquiry.

At the moment our Product team works on new generation of the GroupDocs.Conversion for Java product and this issue should be resolved in it. This library should be available soon.

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Best regards,
Evgen Efimov
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