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Upload file not working from cordova hybrid mobile application

The Group Docs Upload API is not working while the file is browsing from an android platform using Cordova. We are getting a response like "Type 'System.IO.Stream' is not supported by 'QueryStringConverter". How can we pass a file object from a cordova platform ?

Thank you
Midhun krishna

Hi Midhun,

Thank you for your request. Can you please share with me an example of how you upload the file.

Thank you.

var apiClient = new groupdocs.ApiClient(new groupdocs.GroupDocsSecurityHandler(apiKey));
var api = new groupdocs.StorageApi(apiClient, apiBaseUrl);
var signatureApi = new groupdocs.SignatureApi(apiClient, apiBaseUrl);
var oFile = document.getElementById("uploadsigndoc").files[0];
api.Upload(function(response) {
// here we are getting file content empty message on Cordova platform.
}, clientId,, "some description", null, false, oFile);

Note: This functionality is working well when we run from desktop and mobile browsers. But we are using this feature in a Cordova environment and we getting the issue.


Thank you for the code example. We will check it and then return to you.

Best regards.


Sorry for the delay. I have checked your code and created a bug ticket for the issue. Our Product team will resolve it and when the fix will be released - you will be notified here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.