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Upload local files to server to annotate



I would like the users to upload the documents from local computer to a folder in server and then select a file from the server folder to annotate with other users? How do we go about it. I am using



Hello Rajagopalan,

Thank you for your request. File uploading is a common feature of the ASP.NET since that for how to’s please check this documentation . The only thing that you should note is that the file must be uploaded in the the folder which you set as a root storage for the Annotation. Then when you will have upload functional ready for use you should do next:

1. Get uploaded file name
2. Use this file name in the .FilePath(String fileName) option of the Annotation widget.

The logic will be next:
1. File uploaded
2. User see link for annotating this document
3. User clicks it
4. User redirected to the Annotation web page with selected document.

Also please investigate this documentation to get more useful information.

Best regards.