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Urgent License Problem

we have an licence issue that groupdocs viewer is only accept 15 user in an hour

not every time when we copied the license to related folder ,it works fine but after sometimes same problem appears.


I’m sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please share with me which version of the Viewer you use and the code of the license activation.

Thank you.

Order Id is 160203042628 . GroupDocsViewer.dll product version is 2.17 , but in license file it is 3.0 . It is urgent problem,could you help me as soon as possible?

Hi again,

Thank you for sharing your order id but I don’t need it. First of all please note that we have released a next generation Viewer library and if possible you should migrate on it.

If migration isn’t possible now please update your Viewer library at least to version 2.19 and does you have added such code to the Viewer initialization code.

Best regards.

after we add version 2.19 dll version to project references there is a error "The document couldn’t be loaded"

I relized that we use 2.17 Groupdocs.Viewer.dll but in our license version information
is 3.0

Can you check our license is correct or not?


I have checked license 3.0 version with the Viewer 2.17 and all works well for me. Please find more info about licensing here.

To help you to resolve the issue I definitely need your Viewer initialization code example and also you can share via email your license file that I can try to reproduce the issue.

Thank you.
We get the same error.You must connect to computer to view our project how we use viewer.
Our customer very angry in this morning.I am waiting exact solution from you.

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I can connect to you and help to resolve the issue only in case that I will connect to the development machine.

Please share your TeamViewer credentials via email when you will be ready.

Best regards.

I realized that sometimes we clear application variables.The problem may be comes from that.

I want to try copy below code to viewer page load .May be this solve this problem

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)



Thank you for asking. Yes, such approach is correct. As we discussed in the TeamViewer session such approach should resolve the issue. Please notify me if you will need more help.

Best regards.