User Name in annotation for .NET


Hello Everyone

I’m using groupdocs annotation 17.8.
and I’m running GroupDocs Annotation Webforms from project sample showcase folder.
when i put the annotate, on the right pane show the name “guest” like picture below.
image.png (4.6 KB)
but, after reload the page, i face that name is the real user name from My Session.

and why guest user able delete others comment?

so, can anyone explain in order :

  1. how to disable guest user for delete other annotation/comment?
  2. how to show the real name that I have passed from session in comment without reload page?

below attached my file: (6.5 KB)

thank you,



Thanks for your inquiry. We are investigating this issue, as we have any update we’ll notify you.


hi @sami.cheema

any update for this issue?



We are still investigating this issue and will update you as we have any update. We’ll appreciate your patience.


hi @sami.cheema
any update for this issue?




We have logged your requirement as an enhancement in our showcase project (Modern-Front-End) at GitHub. We will notify you as we,ll have any update on it. Meanwhile, you can also track status of this enhancement here.