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Users in Group Docs Annotation


Hey there,

I’m using the group docs annotation tool .Net plugin and embedded it into our ASP.Net MVC website.

I followed the instructions for MVC website and used the sample codes provided.

I’ve run into a couple of issues.
- Following the suggested way of adding users, I sometimes get “There is no such reviewer”.

- And what i’ve found out is that that comments are saved with the wrong user id in the database which causes the comments to show up as written by someone else

Do you have any sample codes or documentation on how to add reviewers?



Hello Sudeep,

Thank you for the request. Please check our MVC example from this package for how to add collaborator. Please pay attention on this code in the HomeController - this code set cookie session data of the user and then check this code which is in the Models/DocumentOpenSubscriber for how to add a collaborator.

Best regards.