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Using Annotations for java in a Grails application


Hello GroupDocs team,

Can the annotations library for java be used in a Grails application. Will it be possible for you to give an example of this?


Hello Vibhor,

Thank you for interest in GroupDocs. The GroupDocs.Annotation library is packaged as a single jar file so it shall run within the Grails project without any problem. Unfortunately, we don’t have such an example and have not tested it. You can use our prepared code examples to build your own project. More detailed information you can get from the documentation wiki.
If you are going to buy and use the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library then we can help you with this project or prepare an example for you.

I didn’t know about your yesterday conversation in the Live Chat. Our developers were already notified about your request. We will investigate it and inform you in this thread.