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Using GroupDocs.Redact to redact a specific area in a TIFF

I tried the samples in ASPOSE (PrepareRectangles) and GroupDocs (UseAsposeOCRForCloud) and can get them to work. Is there an example of GroupDocs using the non cloud version of ASPOSE? I am using RedactImageArea to redact certain areas and would like to use OCR to redact specific words in other areas. I was thinking of using PrepareRectangles to isolate the area to OCR and then redact specific words but I have no idea how.

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Could you please share more details on this scenario? GroupDocs.Redaction for .NET is a back-end (stand-alone) API. We’ll surely help you out if you further elaborate the use-case.
Are you using Aspose.OCR for .NET and GroupDocs.Redaction for .NET together and facing some issues?

if it works, we will be using GroupDocs on a closed network that will not have internet access so the example that uses Aspose.Ocr.Cloud will not work for us. I need to redact approx. 5 millions TIFF images (they contain text) and will be redacting about 100k each year also. There are pre-defined areas that need to be redacted and I can do that using the ImageAreaRedaction method. I’ve already started working on that.

Here is my problem: There are three text areas on the tiff that contain text. Since the text is always in the same location, I want to read the text and then redact specific words in the text areas.

I was trying to use the AsposeOcr.RecognizeImage method used in the PrepareRectangles class in the AsposeOCR examples. I can get the AsposeOCR for .NET examples to work as they are and I can get the GroupDocs.Redaction for .NET examples to work as they are. I can also get the GroupDocs example that uses Aspose ocr for cloud to work. What I would like to do is get redaction and ocr (not cloud) to work together.

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For text reading (from images), you have to use Aspose.OCR on-premise/stand-alone API. Once you read the text and know it’s position, you could use GroupDocs.Redaction to redact that particular area/position.

How do I find the text position? I tried to follow the example in https://forum.aspose.com/t/location-of-identified-text/1391 but I can’t find the OCREngine.

is there an example that uses Aspose.OCR instead of Aspose.OCR-Cloud (UseAsposeOCRForCloud.cs) nuget package?


There is no example using Aspose.OCR on-premise API at this moment, but we are working together with Aspose.OCR team to add it with one of upcoming releases.