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Using iframe to load viewer and document inside


How do I load a document with the groupdoc viewer inside iframe ?
Could you please provide a JavaScript example of it ?

Thank You


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer.

Can you please share whether are you using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET, Java, or Cloud API? Also, please share the version of the API you are using. We shall be looking forward to your response.

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Hi Usman,

I am using Java and API version is 3.7.0



We’d like to inform you that GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 3.x API is a totally UI and framework agnostic. Hence, it can be integrated in any Java project easily. We have developed some sample showcase projects for your ease, you can explore them and learn how API can be used to develop front end projects. Please explore our latest and updated showcase project GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Modern UI (AngularJS is used in development of this project), further details about this showcase project here.
You may find following resources helpful:
Please go through these resources, supporting articles and share your experience.

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using the iframe how do i get the open docs viewer to render inside of the frame, is it similar to the annotation as well?

Java backend
HTML CSS JS Front-end


is it similar to the annotation as well?
Java backend
HTML CSS JS Front-end

Exactly, our GroupDocs.Viewer for Java modern UI showcase project is also developed using same technologies. We’d suggest you to explore the project and share your experience.