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Using S3 storage with conversion



Is it possible to use the S3 storage option with conversion? I would like to convert files that are stored in my S3 bucket and send them to the same bucket.

I’ve enabled S3 storage on my account in the Storage Provider tab, but the Dashboard does not show the files in S3 and the REST API cannot access any S3 files (only the files in GroupDocs storage are returned from API calls)



So I was able to get this working by checking the “synchronize content” flag in settings. But that appears to just copy my S3 documents back and forth into groupdocs storage. It appears that my S3 documents count against my GroupDocs quota. Is this true? Is there any way to pull documents for conversion directly from S3 without “synchronizing” them to groupdocs storage?



Hello Carl,

Thank you for interest in GroupDocs. In case using S3 storage GroupDocs uses mix of S3 and GroupDocs storages. That means that when you convert file which stored on your S3 storage this file will be taken from your storage and processed with GroupDocs server , after that converted file will be stored in GroupDocs storage.
Synchronization - it does not mean that we synchronize the contents. Synchronized only lists of files / directories, the files themselves are not downloaded.
As for GroupDocs quota – yes S3 documents count against your GroupDocs quota.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to get back in touch.



Thanks for the response. Does this mean that you only access my S3 bucket when I send an API request to you asking to list available files or convert a file contained in S3?

Can you clarify whether those synchronizations with S3 metadata are performed synchronously before fulfilling each API request or performed in the background so they do not block requests to your API? Can you also clarify whether you recursively perform an S3 ListObjects request on the entire bucket contents or just the prefixed path necessary to fulfill a given request? I’m concerned about API performance on buckets with a large number of files in a “converted” directory, and a small number of files in a “to_convert” directory, since the S3 API is paginated and can be very slow to list a very large number of files.