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Version comparison


currently we are using GroupDocs viewer Java version 17.2.0. We are considering to purchase the latest version and I have the task to provide a justification about why the purchase should be made. I would like to know if there are some comparison between our version and the latest: features, memory consumption, supported formats, stuff like that. So the people that makes decisions will finally update the version. Any info is greatly appreciated.





Please have a look at the release notes section of the product’s documentation to know about the new features, supported formats, bug fixes, and improvements that are introduced in each version of GroupDocs.Viewer for Java. This will surely give you an overview of what you will get after upgrading to the latest version.


Hi Usman,
thank you for your reply. I already extracted the differences between both versions using the release notes. They are interested in seeing how the memory consumption and performance have changed in raw numbers. I guess I will try to test both versions with a file…



I am afraid that, at the moment, we can not provide you with the performance comparison of the older and the latest version.

The performance measures such as memory consumption and the rendering time depend on multiple factors such as the number of pages, document’s content which can include text, images, tables; the number of resources that application can use; server’s specifications and so on. Therefore, we would recommend you to please try rendering the documents using both versions in your environment. This way you would get a better idea of how both versions perform specifically in your environment.