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View a Docx file using document viewer API gives java.lang.VerifyError: Bad return type

we have a web application that uses GroupDocs 17.2. I would like to know, if possible, if 17.2 version uses Apose Words and which version specifically.
In a server where the application was deployed and tested we got the following error:
stacktrace.png (29.8 KB)

It happened when using getDocumentInfo on a docx file.
As far as Iknow this error occurs when there is a discrepancy between the library used to compile and the library used in runtime (or something like that).Besides, the viewer, we also have a declared dependency to Aspose Words 18.1. Maybe this has something to do…

Any help is appreciated.

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Can you please try latest version of the API that is 19.11.

If you are only intend to implement GroupDocs.Viewer for Java features, please don’t add Aspose.Words dependency. And if you want to add Aspose.Words in your project then its version must not be greater than GroupDocs.Viewer for Java v17.2 (e.g. use Aspse.Words for Java 17.2). Otherwise, you may face run-time exceptions/errors.
We’d recommend you to try out latest version of GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API in your project, deploy it on server and then share your feedback.

Hi @atirtahir3 ,
sorry for the late answer. The company has adquired a new license for GroupDocs. I will modify the application to use 19.11 version.

Will I be able to define dependencies to Aspose Words and PDF 19.11 without much trouble? In the past we tried the versions 18.1 and 17.7 respectively to check if the file was signed and to get the signers.


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If you use GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 19.11, you may integrate Aspose.Words for Java 19.11 or previous one.

Can you please elaborate this?

I don’t know much about it, people sign files to certifiy its contents, to claim that it is authentic, certified by some Organization, etc.
Aspose was used in the project to read the file’s contents and check if the pdf, doc or docx file was signed and to get that information to show it to the user. Info like issue date, organization, people that signed. I don’t know If I am clear.

Is it possible to get that info using GroupDocs viewer only?

Some references:

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We are investigating this. Your investigation ticket ID is VIEWERJAVA-2168. As there is any update, you’ll be notified.


GroupDocs.Viewer for Java doesn’t support such a feature. However, you can try GroupDocs.Signature for Java. Have a loot at this article. API allows you to search documents for different signature types. This requires to add all required signature options to the list.