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View and annotate a document in .NET


We get Annotations quota exceeded issue when trying to view the file in annotation tool.


Can you please tell which application you are using?

We are using Groupdocs viewer and annotation. The version used are 1.12
We are using it in our application


We’d recommend you to migrate to latest versions of the APIs. Please go through following resources:

Does the new version still support displaying images, PDF and MS office files from azure?

  1. In the version we have currently implemented, we provide the folder & file name to Groupdocs annotation and it displays the images.
  2. When we comment using tool, it calls our callback function which adds the comment into our messages.

We can display a demo if required.


Please note that GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 20.1 is a back-end API (UI-Independent) that could be integrated in any .NET application without any third party tool/software dependency.
Have a look at this video demo. You can download this open-source project here. Hopefully this sample application will meet your requirements.

But the functionality had been working fine till few days back. Has the functionality been removed for the version we are using?


We have discontinued support and development for the version 1.x. Please have a look at this documentation.
Now we have:

Is it possible to check if my subscription is still valid using user id and private key?
api used is


I am afraid but we have discontinued development and support for legacy GroupDocs APIs (e.g. 2.x). We’d recommend you to migrate to latest version of the API (reference links are shared in previous reply).

We understand you have discontinued the support for this version, but can you please advise what can be the reason for this issue. Is it that the services used by our application have recently made offline or can it be subscription expiration issue or any other? Also, will this issue continue to occur on any environment?

At the time of our conversation last year (Groupdocs Upgrade) the functionalities required in our application were not yet available, can you please update if these been implemented and available now.

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You will be assisted about your subscription details here.