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View and annotate documents programmatically using .NET

Please let me know using GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET , can I add annotation in the GroupDocs.viewer for .NET.

My requirement is for a viewer that support annotation and following document formats.

1. MS Office [Word, Excel, Powerpoint] 2007,2010,2013 and 2016

2. MS Visio files - 2007,2010,2013 and 2016

3. PDF, JPEG, PNG, JPG, TIFF,GIF and BMP Formats

4. Auto cad drawings .

Using GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET can I add the annotation for the above mentioned document formats. Documents will be opened in the GroupDocs.Viewer.

if the annotation can't be added to the GroupDocs.Viewer using GroupDocs.Annotation, then whether GroupDocs.Viewer for net provides annotations feature in the viewer, if available the what all are the format supported



Hi Venkitesh,

Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs APIs.

Yes, you can use GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET in combination with GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET which will perfectly serve each of your requirements. You can use GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET API to annotate the document and then GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET to view/render the annotated document in your application. We have also developed some open source Showcase applications using GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET. You can download these applications to understand and learn how both APIs can work together. Furthermore, as these applications are open source, you can also use them and modify them as per your requirements.

Secondly, your mentioned file formats are supported in GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET (view supported file formats). However, to know about the supported file formats of GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET (or in case of any further information related to this API), you can post your query in GroupDocs.Annotation Product Family forum where support representative will entertain you accordingly.

In case of any confusion, please feel free to let us know.

Warm Regards


Is it mandatory to use the GroupDocs.Annotation for .net to add the annotation in

Without using GroupDocs.Annotation , Can I add the annotation in if it’s possible then what all are the format it’s support.



Hi Venkitesh,

Thanks for writing back to us.

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET does not contain any feature to annotate the documents and therefore, you can not serve your annotation requirements without using GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET which provides an extensive number of markup tools to annotate the supported documents formats.

In case something is not clear at your end, please let us know.

Warm Regards