View only individual annotations in document


In my use case there are several documents provided to a number of users. All users should be able to make personal annotations during a training an be able to review the document in the future.

As far as I tested, the document always shows all annotations from all users, even if called with a specific user-id. Is there a way to display only the individual annotations for a single user?

Or must I create an individual copy of the document for every participant of the training in order to get only the personal annotations when the doc is recalled?



Thank you for your inquiry. From your request, it’s not clear that you are trying to explore GroupDocs.Annotation product for which platform (.NET, Java or Cloud)?. Please specify the details and we will be glad to help you.


I´m working with GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud and the PHP-SDK.


Hi @schlueter Thank you for providing this information. Yes, you can set access rights for the specific annotation that only specified users can access it. To set such rights please use such code example:

// Create signer object
$signer = new GroupDocsRequestSigner("your privateKey");
// Create apiClient object
$apiClient = new APIClient($signer);
// Create Annotation object
$antApi = new AntApi($apiClient);
//Set base path
$antApi ->setBasePath("Base path to API server");
//Determines access rights, if 0 - denied if 1 - allow
$access = 1;
//Set access for annotation
$createAnnotation = $antApi->SetAnnotationAccess("your client Id which will have access", "annotation
GUID", $access);

Furthermore, please note we have released Next Generation GroupDocs for Cloud APIs with more enhanced, efficient and improved programming structure. So, I’m afraid we are not fixing any issues or making improvements in old obsolete versions, because of their complex API structure. So we will appreciate it if you please try latest version of GroupDocs for Cloud APIs. You can consume these APIs in your applications/website for supported features.

Best regards.