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Viewer 3.0 GetDocumentInfo method throw exception


We are very frequently encountering following issue when passing through GetDocumentInfo method
1. “Creation Date is empty” issue
2. Invalid Value format exception.

both method does belongs to Aspose.pdf.exceptions.
Attached is the screenshot of error and sample document for replication of issue.

Please share all the expected solution to fix this issue.
Also Please share more details on GetDocumentInfo method an how it works.


Hi Puneet,

Thank you for your inquiry.

One of the file with the name "Dynamics CRM Online Pricing and Licensing Guide.pdf"
couldn’t make any problem at our side. However, 2nd file with name “upsidedownpdf (1).pdf” is generating issue.
Hence, I have logged the problem in our Issue Tracking System. Our product team will look into this issue. Once there is any further update, you will be updated via this forum thread.

GetDocumentInfo - returns document and pages information only. This method doesn’t render anything.
Main purpose of this DocumentInfoContainer is to get document’s information before rendering any page.
For example if you want to render page number 10, you need to know if this page exist in the document. Or if you need to display total page count, etc.

Warm Regards

The issues you have found earlier (filed as VIEWERNET-451) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi Umar

Thanks for your response and sharing information about GetDocumentInfo method.

The main purpose behind asking for GetDocumentInfo functionality is to avoid getting such exception.
If we know what would going to break in GetDocumentInfo we can validate that prior to call method.

So in terms we require what we are checking and what is the reason of such exception.

Please share the code to validate such kind of exception before GetDocumentInfo method get called.

Attached is the issue document for Invalid Value format exception.
Please add this in your tracking system.



Please share any update on this.


Hi Parthpatel,

At the moment, our product team is performing analysis over this issue. Once the product team finishes the analysis, we’ll hopefully be able to provide you more information. Please allow us some reasonable time to go through our issue fixing + release life cycle. Once there is some news, we’ll update you accordingly.

Many Thanks