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Viewer 3.0 storage path

I was using the sample app for the weborms front in.

I changed
private static string _storagePath = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetData(“DataDirectory”).ToString(); // App_Data folder path

to the unc path the a server and share, this worked on the dev box.

I then changed it to “d:\testfolder\folder” This is a actual drive and folder on the live server

And published the app the live server.

When it click the open box the tree list is blank, with no errors. If I could the viewer to load a file on load, it just spins loading content.

I was thinking its a permissions problems but I can access the folder from inside the .net app with no issues.

Any suggestions?

Hello Jemoritz,

Thank you for your inquiry,

The problem you wrote above is still likely to be a permission issue. There could be many agents regarding to the framework which are needed to have proper rights over d:\testfolder\folder.

Please can you discuss this matter with your ISP provider/ Web Administrator?

Many Thanks!