Viewer cache is not storing information about if a Office file is encrypted or not


I’m working with some files that are encrypted.
With a flow that is

  1. Get document info.
  2. Get pages.

The first request to get document info will throw the file is password protected. There by I can notify the user that they need to provide a password. However i introduced caching now and the flow is broken. As it retrieves the file from the cache and there by have no idea that the file is encrypted.

If not already introduced, cannot find anything in the documentation, from what version will the exceptions of password required be available across the GroupDocs libraries?
When will fd.xml and DocumentInfoContainer contain a property to say the file is encrypted?



Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer and sharing your concerns with us. GroupDocs.Viewer provides PasswordProtectedFileException class to handle the exception if a document is encrypted with a password and the password to open the document is missing. In order to provide you more specific details and reproduce your reported behavior at our end, we would like you to provide us the following details.

  • Platform (.NET/Java) and version of GroupDocs.Viewer
  • Sample document
  • Sample console application (source code without compilation errors) that can be used to reproduce the behavior

We shall be looking forward to your response.