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Viewer Control In .NET Application

Hi! We’re in the process of evaluating your Viewer. We’re currently using your capability to render in HTML and showing it on a DotNetBrowser control in our WinForms application. It works well, but the performance is not what we’d like it to be for a WinForms application…considering that the files are local and we don’t really need to render to HTML.

Based on the description of the product it sounds like you have a viewer that shows the document itself without the HTML/image translation…more of a native thing. Is that so? If that is the case can you point me to a demo or piece of code that shows us how to get this done?

If we can avoid the translation it sounds like we would get tremendous performance improvements.



Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer.

GroupDocs.Viewer provides the feature to render the document in the form that can be easily viewed/displayed in the desktop or web applications. Though the API provides the GetFile method to get the original file in a FileContainer, you can not directly view the content of a document as it is without conversion to the HTML pages or images.

Furthermore, the API also allows you to maintain a cache to keep the rendered HTML pages and images as well as document’s information. When GroupDocs.Viewer cache is enabled (ViewerConfig.EnableCaching = true), the API consumes more resources and time when you render the document for the first time. When you render the same document for the second time, GroupDocs.Viewer extracts data from the cache and it consumes considerably less time and resources.