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Viewer create all pages of document



i have two problems with the viewer.

1 Problem:
If I have a document that contains more than 2 pages, the ViewGenerator render/create only two pages of document as HTML.
The only way that i know, is to set the options with the range of the create pages (1-20).
Is there a way that the generator that makes automatically?

Example: DocX-file with 10 Pages. ViewGenerator creats only first two pages of the document.

2 Problem:
If I have a document that size is large (150 mb and 100 Pages) and contains a lot of picture.
The viewer generates me all pages of the document (with set options manually), but only the first 1-6 Pages include text and pictures, the remaining html-pages are blank/empty.

How can I solve these problems?


Hi Kunz,

Thanks for posting your issues.

As prerequisite, we want you to provide us below information.

  • Which version of GroupDocs.Viewer are you using?
  • Whether are you using the API in licensed mode or trial mode?
  • Please provide the problematic file for the issue you mentioned in problem #2.

We shall be waiting for your reply.

Warm Regards


I resolve this problem.


Hi Kunz,

Its good to know that you have resolved your issue. In case of any problem, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards