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Viewer document opening problems



We encounter some problems with spesific documents in viewer. For now i spotted three problem.

First i’m using viewer 2.12.0. Also i’ve tried 2.15.1 about an hour ago but i didn’t have a chance to test problems. Because you’ve changed your Aspose components versions and we’ve talked about it before. We are using Aspose too and our dll’s overrides, viewers embedded Aspose dlls. Could you send me new list of Aspose dll’s versions?

Problem 1—
When i try to open “1.pdf” i get an error and error says “Parameter is not valid.” I know .net throws this error when your image is corrupted. I try to change viewers “UsePngImagesForHtmlBasedEngine” parameter. If i set it true, this error occurs. If i set it false there is no problem. Also when i set it true, viewer cannot create Cache folder. I think it can not create png image from pdf.
I’m also added error’s image as "error1.png"

My viewer configuration is like;

var v = GDocsViewer.Viewer.ClientCode().TargetElementSelector("#divHTML5ViewerContainer").ShowFolderBrowser(false)

.Stream(stream, filenameWithoutExtention, extention, displayFilename, false)
.PreloadPagesCount(1, true, ConvertWordDocumentsCompletely)
.SearchHighlightColor("#9c9", "lime")
.UseHtmlBasedEngine(true, true, true, true)

When i opened 2.xlsx, viewer cannot display it correctly. You can see the distortion in "error2.png"
Also my viewer config is same as first one.

3.xls can open and view correctly. But if SupportPageRotation is set true, and if you try to download or print document. You get an error like error3.png. But before download or print operation, if you rotate document there will be no error when you try to download or print document. Its not about document's rotation, i tried this senario and it didnt throw error; first rotate image clockwise, then rotate it back you wont get error.



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We can confirm that we reproduced first two issues but the last one - we can’t reproduce downloading and printing works well with 3.xlsx and SupportPageRotation(true).

We have created a bug ticket which will be resolve by our Product team. Then you will be notified.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello Pavel,

Thank you for your help. But could you send me the list of aspose dll’s version that you using in 2.15.1. Because i want to try thirth error with it. Because after you said that you couldn’t reproduce it. I tried it again and i get three different error when i try print document. These three error thrown from same method. I get them using 3.xls and making some rotation. I get error3.png is same like in my first message. But i get error3.2png, after i rotate document clockwise or counter clockwise once. For getting error in the error3.3png, i changing document rotation a couple of times and in the end i make document upside down then i get error.

My viewer configuration is still same, like in my first message.

If you cant reproduce the error, if you want i can show it with teamviewer because i cant send our all project and it’ll get a lots of time to create example viewer project like in our project. Because me and my colleague getting same errors all time when we try senario that told you.



Thank you for coming back. Here is the full list of used Aspose libraries:

As for the issue with rotated document - we have tried to reproduce this issue, we have rotated document in different way and tried to download/print it from different position and all works well. Since that we can assume that you have this issue because you use same Aspose libraries that we use but different versions and they are conflicted

Best regards.


Hello Pavel,

Sorry for late response, i’ve too busy but finally i tried 3th issue with Viewer and new Aspose dll’s and it worked well.

Thank you for your help.



Thank you for the notification and glad to hear that all works well now.

Best regards.