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Viewer is blank and show nothing


I am using the trail version and it works perfectly in my local machine. But when I use it in the web server. The viewer is blanked (see attachment). Is it because my version is trail, the location can’t be found or some other reasons? There is no error message. It is hard to know what’s the problem?



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. The reason of the issue could be the users credentials on the server. Since when you run it on the local it works under your user which has all rights for read/write from the all folders of the project. Since that please set read/write rights for the user “User” for the folder which you set as root storage for the documents to view.

Please notify us with the results.


Thanks! I changed to the local C drive to test it and finally got an errro message (please see the attachment). I have changed the location security, but still got the error. The message also mentioned the application pool, but I don’t know what is it talking about. Please give me a more detail instruction to fix the error. Thanks!


I tried to change some of the IIS parameter and finally get it works. Thanks a lot for your great and quick response!



We glad to hear that all works fine. Please feel free to contact us if you will have more questions.