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Viewer MVC Project Version Conflicts


Hi support team,
I’m trying to run the viewer mvc project for group docs demo to have a full picture about your product’s features. Unfortunately, my current version is ASP.NET MVC 5, but your source demo is running on version 3 and I got many problems:

First of all is the difference of MVC dll version at many places
Second is Viewer.InitRoutes at Application_Start returned Object null error from GroupDocs.Viewer.dll

Note: I didn’t set up anything, just only open visual and run project. I hope I didn’t miss any step.

Anyhow, if possible, can you please supply a new source code with an upgrade to ASP.NET MVC 5.

Our company project’s information:
- Entity Framework 6
- Kendo MVC UI

Thanks alot for your supporting.



Thank you for your request. Here is a common example project for how to use GroupDocs.Viewer with MVC5.

Also you should note that the Viewer doesn’t require any DB server so you can use any which your project require.

Best regards.



Thank for your quick response. We also want to use more groupdocs features than viewer, especially approval workflow & document versioning. I can see the version control appears in the groupdocs app demo (in the capture pic attachment) and I wonder which library should be used for these features and how?

I’m looking forward to your response.