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Viewer Pan and Scrolling

The biggest suggestion we get and the largest user experience improvement we could suggest would be to allow users to be able to drag the image when zoomed in instead of being forced to use the scroll bars.

This accompanied with the ability to pinch and zoom while viewing documents on a mobile device would make the product much easier to interface with.
Please update us with your opinions and considerations on the topic.

Hi Dwampler,

We appreciate your suggestion.

As you know, the front end document viewer applications are completely open source therefore we warmly welcome the developers who want to contribute their work. Similarly, if you have any solution implemented at your end then you can create a pull request to the official repository of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

However, I am also logging a request of this new feature in GitHub issues. You can follow this link for any further updates.

Have a nice weekend ahead.

Warm Regards

Hi there,

Your requested feature, logged in GitHub issues as, has been implemented. Please download the latest ASP.NET_MVC_Front_End application to get the changes.

Warm Regards