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Hello there,

I am looking at setting up the Viewer application as a stand-alone application on my server rather than using the Java API to create the Viewer versions of the document files from the command line.

Can anyone help?



Hello, Anesmee!

Thank you for interest in GroupDocs.
Sure, you can use the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java stand-alone library. You may use upload functionality or create custom input data handler for your files and then embed the Viewer into your application.
Library itself:
Example projects: - you may choose one that fits your use-case the most.
Technical details available here:

In particular:
GroupDocs.Viewer integration instructions -
Custom input data handler description -±+Custom+Input+DataSource


Thanks for your reply! Sorry that it didn’t really help. I am not a Java programmer. I downloaded everything but I am not sure I can set it up without Maven/Ant/Tomcat etc. All I want is to run this as an application on my server so that I can run a command to convert my documents which I can render on a web page using iframe or JavaScript.

Do you have a step by step guide for setting up the application to convert documents? The documentation is very difficult to understand.



Anees, sorry to see that it was not helpful. We can help you and provide step by step guide for you or help to install, but we have to know more.

Please, share more information about your use-case. Technical details such as OS, application server, Java version would be useful too.
Also, please, describe what is your web page - is it based on some platform, what languages/technologies are used to build it, maybe it is some CMS or Framework.



I have a web application running on The web application has a CMS part where I can create custom pages using HTML. I have some documents in the server which are available for the users to download through these CMS pages. I now want to integrate your Viewer in those pages so that my users can preview/view those documents within the pages without downloading them on to their computers. How do I achieve this? Do you have a command line application that will convert a normal office document in to an HTML5 version supported by your viewer? How do I then integrate that document in an HTML page?

Technical details:
OS: Linux
java version "1.7.0_45"
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_45-b18)