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We required the “Viewer Tool” to view DOC, XLS, PDF etc. file in browsers(for all browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE etc.) where users doesn’t have access to save, download, print, cut/copy/paste, etc. from browsers. The mentioned viewer tool also support the mobile application/browsers.

Apart from this, this tool also supports the application like Visual Studio, ASP.Net Web forms, MVC, Core MVC, etc to developed the software.


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We provide GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API that allows viewing 50+ file formats including DOC, XLS, and PDF. GroupDocs.Viewer is a backend API that provides the rendering of the document pages in the form that can be easily displayed in the front end application. You will have to create your own front-end UI to display the rendered pages as the API does not have any builtin UI control/tool. Furthermore, the API is independent of the architecture of the front end application therefore, you can use it in a wide range of applications. The API provides the following modes to render a document.

  • HTML based rendering: In HTML based rendering, the API generates the HTML representation of each page of the source document. You can easily manipulate the HTML content of each page as a string. You can either embed the HTML content directly in your application or save it as an HTML file and display it in the browser. For details, please visit Rendering Document as HTML.
  • Image-based rendering: In image-based rendering, the API converts each page of the document into an image. You can easily save the image to your desired location and display it in your application to view the content of the document. For details, please visit Rendering Document as Image.

We recommend you to please have a look at the documentation of the API. To explore and evaluate the features of the API please download the examples project. Furthermore, you can also download and try our open source document viewer applications listed below:

In case you would have any questions or queries, please do let us know.