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Viewer V3.4 Image files zooming incorrect- first load small than very big(from Cache)


I have raised this issue earlier as well. Now again i am raising.
The issue is when i open any Image file through viewer, it first zoom at <50% which is very small to observe.
Than after if we again open the image through viewer without clearing cache it would appear more bigger than its relevant size.
I want my Image file to be open in exact size as they originally are.
if Image is bigger than my screen size than its zooming should adjust to fix to width of screen.
Note: I am using your sample solution to replicate the issue, zoomToFitWidth is also true.

attached is some sample files.
let me know if you require more details.

Puneet Rajak

Hi Puneet,

Yes, the issue is still open at: because it requires deeper investigation. More information will be provided once we come to some conclusion based on the investigation.