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ViewerLoaded Callback?


I see an event for the document completed loading, “documentLoadCompleted.groupdocs”, but I am trying to load the viewer with no file, once the viewer has loaded I will call the server and make a web service call for the file which I will then give to the viewer to display. So is there a event for viewer completed loading and is ready for use? Basically after this completes:




Hello Matt,

Thank you, you’ve raised very appropriate question. We clearly understand your intention - to load an empty GroupDocs.Viewer, and then specify a file using the “loadDocument” method from JS API. Yes, the “documentLoadCompleted.groupdocs” event is triggered only when the document was loaded, it is not triggered when GroupDocs.Viewer widget was loaded without a document, empty. In the current version there is no appropriate event, which will be triggered, when the GroupDocs.Viewer widget will be loaded, with or without a file. So now it is impossible to achieve what you want.

We will review this feature request and will let you know the results in this forum thread.



Great thank you.