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ViewerStyle OnePageInRow zoom out issues


I am using groupdocs version 17.2 and since I want the documents to be center aligned, i set the ViewerStyle parameter to 3 as mentioned in this post( The issue I am facing now is that when i zoom out the documents, instead of aligning side by side, they still appear in a row each. This wasn’t the case in version 2.16 that we were using earlier. I noticed this is due to the display: block property. Any advice as to how to center align the documents initially and then place them side by side on zooming out?

Hi Shashi,

Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

Please mentioned the name of the Showcase project you are using. We shall be looking forward to your response.

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I am using ASP.NET_MVC_Front_End project

Hi Shashi,

Thanks for providing the details.

Please try to use viewerStyle: viewerSyle.ScrollView, in viewer parameters and check if it works for you. We shall be looking forward to your feedback.

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Hi Usman,

If i use viewerStyle: viewerSyle.ScrollView, my documents are not center aligned to the main container element anymore. I need the documents to be center aligned by default (display:block) and when zoomed out, they appear side by side (display: inline-block), similar to version 2.13.

Attaching screenshots of scrollview vs onepageinrow layout.

Hi Shashi,

Thanks for sharing the details.

We apologize that this feature is not available in the open source Showcase applications. As the applications are open source, you can also make changes as per your scenario.

In case you would have any questions or queries, please do let us know.

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