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Viewing encrypted files

My technical team has a query with regards to viewing encrypted files from within the viewer. The requirement is that we use standard DES encryption in our files when stored, and the viewer needs to decrypt in order to render the document in the viewer. Can we put a small piece of code within the viewer to complete this? I have marked our chief technical person in the mail. Will like to have an answer on this before we purchase the product.

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Hello there,

Thank you for interest in the GroupDocs. Sure, you can “prepare” your file before rendering it in the GroupDocs.Viewer. In the Java stand-alone library there the InputDataHandler interface, which you can implement to provide such files. In the .NET one there is a way to render documents from the stream, so you can provide the stream of decrypted files.

Please, specify what platform you are interested in?

Also, for more details you can check our documentation wiki:
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