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Visio shapes with link to other pages of a visio file



I’m wondering if its possible to load a visio page on a aspx page and have links to other pages of the same visio file on shapes. If yes, does it trigger a page refresh or it loads the new file just inside the container.



Hi Hamed,

Thanks for posting your query.

I apologize that I could not get the clear picture of what you are asking for. Please elaborate it a little more for better understanding. Additionally, please mention the version of the API if you are already using it.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Warm Regards


Thanks for your reply,

here’s what I’m looking for: there’s a visio file with multiple pages on it. Lets say for example visiofile.vsdx which has pages 1 through 10 inside it.

I want to show one of these pages on the page load of a aspx page. The shapes on this page have hyperlinks to the other pages of the visio file, so I want the user to be able to click on a shape and get another page of the visio file shown on the aspx page.

Is this possible? In visio you can set hyperlinks on shapes to other pages of the same visio drawing (file).



Hi Hamed,

Thanks for the detailed information.

Please note Visio uses a different methodology to navigate to the hyperlink’s address (other pages in your case). Whereas, GroupDocs.Viewer uses page indexes to navigate to the other pages in viewer control.

In your case, each of Visio file pages will be converted into html file. It will simply render the Visio hyperlink into html hyperlink with the reference same as in the source file. Therefore, navigation as per your scenario will not work in GroupDocs.Viewer application.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Warm Regards


Ok I see, but I just tried rendering the visio file on a webpage as html and all I got was one image element inside a html document.

I thought if I get individual html elements per each shape, with html hyperlinks, I can do some javascript coding and manipulate the links. Am I missing something?

Also some of the documentation pages on C# guides are removed and not accessible.


Hi Hamed,

You got it absolutely right. While rendering into html, the shapes in Visio files are converted into PNG images and then are placed inside html document. If you want to add some javascript in html pages, you can do it after getting html string of each page.

You can also download our sample open source front ends to try and analyze their working. Below are the download links of GroupDocs.Viewer sample front ends:

If you have any further query, please let us know.

Warm Regards