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Visio Vsd to vsx, vdx, vtx fails when running local

I am interested in obtaining licenses for Conversion and also would like to know If I can also Edit Visio (vsd) Files through another Product Family and if yes which one I should try.
Currently I am trying out the Conersion and I have a problem while trying to convert a vsd file to xml (have tried all vsx, vdx, vtx). The problem is that when I am trying this same vsd file on your online converter ( https://products.groupdocs.app/conversion/total ) It converts the whole document as expected. When I do this local with your Nuget package (C# .NET) it looks like it works but it does not extract all the shapes. Some Shapes especially the ones with text are missing. Could you please confirm I am using the correct code to achieve this. (Code follows).

using (Converter converter = new Converter(“VisioFile.vsd”)) {
DiagramConvertOptions options = new DiagramConvertOptions { Format = GroupDocs.Conversion.FileTypes.DiagramFileType.Vdx };

converter.Convert(“VisioFile.vdx”, options);


Need to know if I use this correct because i get different exported xml files when i try online than when I use it by local code.

Thank you in advance

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Could you please share the source Visio file and the output generated? Also specify the API version (e.g. 21.10, 22.8) that you are evaluating.

API version of GroupDocs.Conversion is 22.8.0.
I am also attaching the files (the source vsd file and the two outputs). As you will see the local run output soed not contain the same information. Its missing shapes like Shape with ID 237. In general it misses for sure all texts that are on the source file and are present on the online output. For example the text ‘GT IGNITER ACTUATION SV REQUEST’ is one thing that is missing from the properties.

Source FIle:

Online Output:

Local Output:

Thank you

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Since, you are evaluating the API without license (in a trial mode). There are some evaluation limitations. Please request a temporary license. A temporary license is a time-restricted full license. We are getting this output.zip (62.0 KB) with a valid license. Follow these steps to avail/request a temporary license. Below is the conversion code:

//C# code
License lic = new License();
lic.SetLicense(@"D:/GD Licenses/Conholdate.Total.Product.Family - For Free Support Team's Internal Use Only.lic");
using (Converter converter = new Converter(@"D:/SourceFile.vsd"))
     DiagramConvertOptions options = new DiagramConvertOptions { Format = GroupDocs.Conversion.FileTypes.DiagramFileType.Vdx };
     converter.Convert(@"D:/converted.vdx", options);