Water mark not getting removed from sample PDF in .NET

@DigitalPowerDev @sunil.rongali

Please take a look at this output - result.pdf (115.3 KB) (watermark is removed). We used following code to achieve these results (using latest API version):

using (Watermarker watermarker = new Watermarker("sample.pdf"))
    // Get document content
    var doc = watermarker.GetContent<PdfContent>();

    // Set search criteria for vector watermarks
    var criteria = new VectorSearchCriteria();

    // Define watermark color
    var watermarkColor = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#a9aaae");
    var fromSystemColor = GroupDocs.Watermark.Watermarks.Color.FromArgb(watermarkColor.A, watermarkColor.R,
        watermarkColor.G, watermarkColor.B);

    // Define color range criteria for the vector watermark
    var criteriaVectorColorRange = new ColorRange(fromSystemColor)
        MinBrightness = 0.5f,
        MaxBrightness = 0.7f

    // Apply color range criteria to the search criteria
    criteria.VectorColorRange = criteriaVectorColorRange;

    // Search for possible vector watermarks
    var possibleWatermarkCollection = doc.Search(criteria);

    // Clear any found watermarks

    // Save the result